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  • Caleb R. Haynes

Anything but Fine by Tobias Madden

This book.

Whenever a character has something horrible happen to them or receives devastating news at the very beginning of a book, there is a delicate line between the book harping on the negative and the character being swallowed by it, and it being just realistic enough without turning them into a pessimist. Tobias Madden does a brilliant job of the latter.

Luca is easy to root for, and I found myself caring about him very early on in the book. The side characters all have a lot of depth and I appreciated that we were able to get a peek into their lives as well, because I found them just as interesting as Luca. If anything, I would have loved even more time with Luca's dad, Jordan, and ESPECIALLY Amina. (She is literally perfect, and Luca repeatedly fangirling over her was chefs kiss amazing.)

The book overall can be an emotional rollercoaster at times, but it's overall a very pleasant read with a steady cadence and a gripping storyline. Would definitely recommend if you liked What If It's Us/Here's To Us and Jay's Gay Agenda.

My final thought as I close this review is.....I need another book set in this universe. It doesn't need to be a direct prequel or sequel, but I need more of these characters. That's it. That's the tweet.


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