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  • Caleb R. Haynes

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

“i'm going for, like, depressed lesbian poet who met a hot yoga instructor at a speakeasy who got her super into meditation and pottery, and now she's starting a new life as a high-powered businesswoman selling her own line of hand-thrown fruit bowls….”⁣

i love this book so much. i was super sick last week and when i thought of the ultimate comfort read it was this or heartstopper. (an incredibly difficult decision!!!!) i had already read the bonus henry pov chapter when the collector’s edition came out, but i wanted to read it in the context of the book, and i’m so glad i did. ⁣

there were so many things that i caught and chuckled at that i totally missed the first time. (“trash turtles all the way down” broke me early on in the book for whatever reason.) and revisiting alex and henry’s story was exactly what i needed at the time.


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