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digital download of the song "The Drive Home" by Caleb Haynes.




hot tea is like a remedy for the soul, 
it moves through me like the tennessee trees in a storm 
willingly, i let the wind encompass me 
this is as young as i will ever be 

i'm finding that there's therapy in poetry, 
there are beautiful things that no one's even noticing 
every line--so perfectly designed, 
to warm the marrow in our bones 

i will follow you into the moonlight, 
and i'll exchange your thoughts with mine 
as the beauty of the night unfolds, 
we embrace the ocean before we go 
and fall asleep in our evening-stained clothes 

i do believe i am changing as a whole, 
i'm an entirely different human than before 
actually, i'm happy that it's happening 
this is as young as i will ever be 

it seems as if you were born inside a melody, 
darlin, i'm humming along as it's wrestling inside of me 
if i could quote every single note, 
it is my skull that would be at peace 

we are so damn young and captivated by the sun, 
so well reminded of the wars that we have won 
we have such weak lungs, there's no doubt we'll be outrun, 
so let's remain wonderful until that day comes


The Drive Home - Single


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